Jul 12, 2017

Time for Tahoe Bracelets

Summer Tahoe- Ocean Breeze
Project by Janice Parsons ~ Sample by Emily Miller
The Tahoe bracelet project is an old favorite from Beadshop and the most popular selling project as well, so this easy-to-make bracelet project was overdue for a summer makeover. Thanks to Emily and Jen, the original Tahoe designed by Janice has three new looks. You can either use the list of ingredients and how-to information provided for each design provided on Beadshop's Tahoe project page. 

Everything you need to make this bright jewelry piece just screams summertime: The 1.5mm and 1mm leather pieces are a pretty blue color called Seafoam, and an accent of yellow in the form of opaque matte mustard 6/0 seed beads add even more color to this bracelet. The cute copper heart charm shows how much you will love making and then wearing this bracelet. 

Summer Tahoe- Beachfront
Project by Janice Parsons ~ Sample by Emily Miller
Beachfront is another Summer Tahoe design that includes some blue. This time these turquoise colored 6/0 seed beads are also matte and metallic. Silver colored beads, findings, and leather in a metallic pearl complete the bracelet.

Summer Tahoe- Wine Country
Project by Janice Parsons ~ Sample by Jen Tello

If you prefer gold over silver, then Wine Country will be more to your taste. The findings, some of the beads, and clasp are gold-tone. Even the leather is a golden color, called Metallic Champagne. The seed beads, which are an easy to handle size 6/0, are Matte Terracotta

During a Beadshop Live Facebook show, Kate and Emily walk you through making a Tahoe bracelet, so you can follow along with them. Additionally, there are detailed episode notes in case you want to skip ahead a little. Tahoe is a simple bracelet to make for anyone who has some beading experience, and for new beaders, you can just slow it down a little as you watch Kate and Emily show you how and learn from their tips along with way. 

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