Sep 20, 2017

Facebook Trunk Show!

Hold on to your hats, everyone! This is huge.

Kate's hosting a Facebook Trunk Sale and we have all the details for you right here.

Janice showing off some Trunk Show goodies!

Here is how it will go... Kate will make a single post to start the sale. This will not be a live video. In the comments Kate will post a photo of each item, how many we have, and the price. Comment underneath the photo with how many you want to buy. Comments to claim product are taken as first-come, first-serve according to what Kate sees on her computer screen. Kate will let you know she's seen your claim with a "like."

Once you've finished shopping, email us at with your PayPal email and we'll tally up your total and send you a PayPal request. At this time we will only be accepting payments for FB Trunk Show purchases through PayPal.

Shipping is $6.95 Flat Rate to US addresses $13 International (including Canada) for as many goodies as you can fit in that box!! 

These beads are not available on our website and they are not eligible for any sales or coupons we may have going on in our shop. These are all priced for a trunk sale so you are getting HUGE savings! And please note... all sales are final.

Who: Kate and YOU!
What: The Ultra-Fabulous Trunk Sale 
When: Thursday, 9.21.17 at 10:30am PST
Where: The Facebook Page
How: Items for sale will be posted in the comments! 

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