Sep 8, 2017

Free Tip Friday: Harvest Time Wrap

Hey All!

What a fun time on Free Tip Friday today! I am so glad you enjoyed the broadcast for Harvest Time Wrap.

It's a great way to stretch your creativity and use up some items in your bead stash. Or better yet, grab our newest Monthly Bead Mix and get stringing!

The finished piece I made measures 60 inches total. It wraps three times around my neck or nine times around my wrist. It's a perfect layering piece. 

As promised, here is the materials and tools list for what you will need to make your own wrap.

1 tube Harvest Time Seed Bead Mix
1 strand Drops- Jade Picasso
1 strand 6mm Melons- Champagne Turquoise Picasso
1 length Wheat Chain- Antique Copper ( I used about 8")
1 spool SoftFlex .014- Golden Bronze
1 pkg Beadsmith Crimp Tubes- Copper
1 pkg Wire Guardians- Antique Copper

Check out the #FreeTipFriday broadcast (posted below) for all the how-to details.

 Learn stringing and patterning techniques

 Link chain using wire guardians and crimps.

Drops add color and texture to the design.

Watch the broadcast below and let us know what you make! We'd love to see how you are inspired by this piece.

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