Sep 25, 2017

Rondelle, the Other Round Bead

African Opal Rondelle
When most of us think of round beads, a bead that is equal in diameter, perfectly spherical, will often pop into our heads first. However, rondelle beads are not to be overlooked when you want to add a little something different to your beading designs. Rondelle beads are more saucer or disc shaped.

Beadshop has recently added some beautiful rondelle gemstone beads to its offerings, and while they have been selling out quickly, you can add your email address to the notification box on any out of stock item to receive an email letting you know when they are back in stock. 

First, there is African Opal, pictured above. These are 5 x 3.5mm and have not been enhanced, naturally a mix of hues from brown to beige to light green. KO Thread would be a good choice to use for stringing.

Chrysoprase Rondelle
For more earthy tones that are a little bit darker, Chrysoprase Rondelles are also available, and like the other new rondelles in stock, come on 16 inch temporarily strung strands. These are 4mm in size and are faceted, thus adding a little bit of sparkle. 

Kyanite Rondelle
Kyanite Rondelles are also faceted and 4mm, but the colors in this strand are a mix of blue. Consider combining these with icy white metal beads and silver tone wire. We recommend 22-gauge. 

Rhodonite Rondelle
The final new addition is Rhodonite Rondelle. This stone is known for having pinks and greys mixed together with pink as the predominant color. Play off the grey by using similar colored stringing materials such as KO Thread in dark grey. 

If you don't have many rondelle shaped beads in your bead stash, why not add some? You can mix these with traditional round beads as well as cube shaped beads to add texture to a wrap bracelet or multi-strand jewelry piece

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