Dec 1, 2017

Free Tip Friday: Let's make some embellished wire stars!

Hi All!

What fun we had today making festive holiday stars. I can't wait to make a whole bunch for my holiday packages and a few to festoon my holiday decorations.

You can check out the entire tutorial at the video link at the end of the post, but as promised, here are a few photos and the materials list:

To begin, design your jig. I made three sizes of stars. You'll need a board that is at least 1/2" thick by about 8-10" x about 6-7"

Draw your star pattern on card stock or heavy paper and hammer the finishing nails through the paper and into the board at the points that you want to bend the wire.

I used 24G silver tone wire, along with 26G gold tone wire for the stars and 20G silver time wire for the ornament hooks.

For beads, I used a variety of seed beads and 6mm Czech Melon beads for embellishment:

You'll also need some chain nose and round nose pliers, along with a wire cutter and a Nylon Jaw pliers for straightening the wire.

Check out the broadcast for all the how-to and let me know how it goes! I can't wait to see what you make!

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