Feb 23, 2018

Free Tip Friday: More fun with wire frames!

Hey Everybody!
Thanks for joining me today on FTF. These broadcasts are always an off-the-cuff adventure and today was no exception!

After the broadcast I finished up my earring design and changed things up just slightly. You'll see the center wire with the briolette has been slightly redesigned. I shuffled the beads around to make everything fit symmetrically across. I also took it off, and finished wrapping the armature and then added it back on, as the poor wire was getting pretty mangled in my wrapping process.

I really love the way these turned out. Kinda Boho with a bit of a '70's vibe thrown in. 
As promised, here is a list of the ingredients I used in the design.

Tools Needed:

Hope you enjoy the project and let me know what you make! Check out the entire broadcast below.

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