Dec 21, 2018

Free Tip Friday: Making Freeform Peyote Stitch Beads

Updated to add the finished necklace I competed on the FTF on 1.4.19

I used Spicy Mustard Popcorn Padres, Dark Brown Bone Barrels, Nutmeg Reg C-Lon, and Spirits button. I also added Part 2 of the project broadcast from earlier today. Scroll to the bottom of the post to check out both episodes.

On this edition of Free Tip Friday I am sharing my all time FAVE seed bead stitch... Freeform Peyote.  Such an easy stitch as "freeform" is the operative word here. Practically goof-proof! I will post the video as soon as I fininsh the live broadcast.

You’ll need some of our New England Wood Beads. They come in three sizes. I am doing one of each. Make your own mix if you want. Anything goes, really... 

To emulate my bead mix, you’ll need 2 colors of 8/0’s; 3 colors of 11/0’s with one of them being a metal seed bead; a strand of little shadows; a bag of heishi; a strand of faceted hematite rondells; and a strand of 4mm firepolish. 

My Color Palette:
I choose kind of a retro color palette in the following colors:
8/0: 8-1233, 8-64111/0: 11-1233, DB0907 or DB0022L, 11/0 Gilding MatteBrass Little ShadowsBrass Tiera HeishiGolden Faceted Hematite Rondelle, or Bronzed Faceted Hematite Rondelle, or Coppered Faceted Hematite Rondelle.4mm Polycrome Copper Rose 
Type the names in the search bar on for fast finding.

Toss in a spool of KO (I used Dark Gray); Size 10 beading needles and Old School Thread Clippers. And a Bigger Than Little Storage container to keep it together. 

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