May 31, 2019

Free Tip Friday: Herringbone Ladder with SuperDuos

Hey everybody! Thanks for joining us for this special Free Tip Friday to learn more about Herringbone with SuperDuos. Working in Customer Service means I notice some trends in our emailed queries. One of the most common questions is always—always!—about Herringbone with SuperDuos. Infinity stitch can be tough to grasp on its own…add in two-holed beads and it’s even more challenging…make those two-holed beads sit within each other—woah boy. But don’t you worry. With this Free Tip Friday and a new Skill Builder? You've got this!

As promised, here is a linked list of ingredients I used today on-air:
1 Dubliner Button- Antique Copper
1 Spool Apricot KO Thread
1 Pkg Metallic Maroon 1.5mm Indian Leather
1 Tube Emerald Matte Rembrandt SuperDuos
1 Tube Jet Bronze SuperDuos
1 Tube 8-642 Dyed Rose Bronze S/L Alabaster 8/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

Here's a quick snap of what I made on-air...I've brought these beads home from the office with me and I'll make a full bracelet with them and update this blog once it's finished...this colorway was chosen specifically to help distinguish the beads, thread, and leather from one another on camera...but honestly? I loved it! They look really nice together. Who knew?

See you next time, everyone!!
Happy beading...

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