Jun 28, 2019

Free Tip Friday: Macrame Lattice Bracelet

Thanks for joining me on Free Tip Friday for the Lattice Bracelet. An easy and fun bracelet to make for summer and beyond. Make it as a simple strand or add it as a section to a wrap bracelet.
To use 3 and 4mm Firepolish beads or 3mm Melon Beads use Fine C-Lon. To use Freshwater Pearls, use 1 strands Fine C-Lon and 2 strands of Micro C-Lon

I used in on-air sample:
Additional Tools:
Cut 3 strands of cord at 96" each.
Make needles on the ends of the outer two cords to make self-needles.

Uses two basic knots: Lark's Head and Square Knots.

1. Start in center to make a series of Lark's Head Knots for button loop.  Measure to make sure loop slips over button.

2. Bring strands together and macrame 5 sets of square knots over the two counter cords.

3. Divide the 6 strands into 3 left strands and 3 right strands. Secure right strands to the side.

4. String beads on left side outer stand. Use the remaining two left strands to make a series of 5-6 strands of square knots. Repeat opposite side with the remaining right strands.

5. Continue to alternate between Steps 2-4 until your bracelet is the desired length.

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