Jun 28, 2020

Free Tip Friday 6.26.20

This mix is Bliss! Inspired by a colorful photo Faye posted to our Facebook Group, Kate concocted this stunning and vibrant mix. She also had a great way to use it in mind...check out her ingredients, bracelet, and FTF episode below!

Want to make your own colorway? This ingredient list links to both the broad general category and the specific item Kate used. For example, clicking on "Regular C-Lon" shows you all the flavors, clicking on "Teal" brings you directly to that color. Easy-Peasy!

1 Button and Mini Mix or Monthly Mix- Summer Bliss Mini Mix
1 Spool Regular C-Lon- Teal
1 Spool 0.5mm Chinese Knotting Cord-  Golden Toffee or Violet
1 Czech Roller Bead- Pomegranate

Additional Learning
How to Macramé
Bollywood Bracelets

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