Sep 30, 2020

One in a Million: Gitte and her Samson



This is a story about one special cat and one very special human and how they found each other. Most of our readers know Gitte from our Facebook Live shows. Gitte lives in Denmark and moderates the comment section on Wednesdays and Fridays. Like clockwork, Gitte is saying hello to everyone and linking products and projects while Kate is live. She is amazing!  Janice, Kate, and Gitte became fast friends through the screen. Gitte volunteered to moderate chat on beadshop's FB page long ago...Kate and Janice thought it was so generous of Gitte, but never imagined it would go on for so long and develop into lifelong friendships. The entire BSDC team feels such gratitude to Gitte. We are always looking for ways to thank her. Asking her to create a Monthly Mix was important to us...we just didn't know it would open the door to such a worthy cause: World Animal Protection and a special fund for Samson.

In the summer of 2020, Gitte was approached by Janice and asked to create a bead mix. Gitte knew right away she wanted to honor her beloved cat, Samson. Unfortunately, Samson is no longer waiting for Gitte to cuddle or feed him; Samson passed on in 2015 from illness at the age of eight.           

But, let Gitte tell you Samson's story in her own words:

Samson was the first kitten born to my parents' British Shorthair, Svea. My parents quickly decided I should have him. I already had his name picked out, Samson.

He was a happy cat and very social. He was also BIG!  He grew to 16 lbs! He loved to eat and my other cats knew to be quick or there wouldn't be any food left with Samson around.

Everyday he would sit on the windowsill and wait for me to come home from work. Everything about Samson was special. We had an unbreakable bond. 

When he developed health issues, it was unbearably hard to watch. It was his love of food and his final inability to digest what he ate that made him so sick. I was forced to make the impossible decision to end his suffering. I had to put him to sleep. To this day I know it was the right decision, but it still breaks my heart. We all love our pets, but Samson was truly someone special to me. My best ever furry friend - I say that he was my king.

Big hugs to you all
Gitte xoxoxo

Samson died shortly after his 8th birthday in 2015. And when Gitte sees orange poppies, she is reminded of Samson and knows that he is never really gone. To honor Samson, the mix has the green of Samson's eyes and the grays of his lovely fur. It also has the oranges of poppies and Gitte's own red hair!

When asked how we can help honor Samson, Gitte asked if we would donate to World Animal Protection, an organization helping to bring awareness worldwide to the suffering of animals. BSDC is donating $1 from the sale of every Samson Monthly Mix to World Animal Protection. 

Samson, the monthly mix for October 2020

If you would also like to help, you may donate here. Gitte has earmarked the donations from beadshop to help the abandoned kittens left behind in Denmark after the summer residents leave and go home for the year.  Samson still has lots of brothers and sisters across Denmark. One of his sisters is pictured here with Samson. Her name is Venus. And, although Samson will always be missed, Venus is now the Queen of the Castle.

Venus and Samson


While supplies last, you can purchase Samson,  
the October 2020 Monthly Mix at

Thank you!

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