Aug 15, 2018

The Best of FB Live...The Gatsby Necklace

Happy Wednesday! As you know, we're taking a summer break from FB Lives and Free Tip Fridays and will be re-posting some old faves with some new ideas instead.

Today we're going back to this gorgeous three-strand necklace, The Gatsby Necklace. We created a sample in all whites for the show, and on air showed off an all-black palette. So today I thought I'd share some colorful palettes but keep with the 20s theme...pearls, glass, and decadence. I can't wait to see what you create...share in our FB Group, please! Enjoy!


Czech Glass Button- Dragonfly Volcano Silver
1 Spool .014 Soft Flex and Soft Flex Findings
1 Strand 5mm Purple Iris Potato Pearls
2 Strands 6mm Coated Lavender AB
1 Strand 8-10mm Soft Gray Potato Pearls
2 Strands 3mm Luster Stone Gray
1 Tube 8-4220 Duracoat Galvanized Eggplant
1 Tube 11-576 Dyed Smoky Opal S/L Alabaster


Button Pearl
1 Spool .014 Soft Flex and Soft Flex Findings
1 Strands 5mm Peach Blossom Potato Pearls
1 Strand 8mm Devotion
1 Strand 6mm Devotion
2 Strands 3mm Luster Rosaline
1 Tube 8-155FR Matte Transparent Light Tea Rose AB
1 Tube 11-215 Blush-Lined Crystal


1 Pirouette Button- Gold
1 Spool .014 Soft Flex and Soft Flex Findings
1 Strand 5mm Blue Iris Potato Pearls
1 Strand 8mm Shades of Blue
1 Strand 6mm Shades of Blue
1 Strand 3mm Montana Blue
1 Tube 6-1254 Matte Metallic Blue Gray 
1 Tube 8-151FR Matte Transparent Cobalt AB -OR-
1 Tube 11-4516 Picasso Montana Matte
(I'd pick one or the other...brighten it up with the Cobalt or keep it dark with the Picasso Montana...I couldn't choose, you'll have to!)

I have to say, I love this necklace as is...but adding a charm at the button loop would add a bit of pizzazz! Consider adding a charm or perhaps a Czech Daisy on a headpin...what do you think?

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