Aug 17, 2018

The Best of Free Tip Friday...Tassel and Leather Lariat Necklace

A tassel is a great chameleon can be a tiny adornment, like a can be a statement piece, like in this show-stopper Kate made on FTF back in November 2017! Create your own tassels from scratch, and adorn yourself are some fresh palette ideas:


1 Pkg Distressed Green 1.5 Indian Leather
2-3 Jade Rings Deep Serpentine
Avocado Czech Rollers
.05 CKC: Sea Green, Mocha, and Mint
Fine C-Lon: Oyster and Marigold


1 Pkg Metallic Red 1.5 Indian Leather
Pinwheel Carnelian
1 Pkg Silver Keg
1 Pkg Currents Red Reef
.05 CKC: Red,  Ivory, and Brown
Fine C-Lon: Nutmeg and Venetian Red


1 Pkg Cream Surfer Cord 1.5mm
Infinity Clover Brown Serpentine
Sand Cast White Beach
1 Pkg Ostrich Shells
.05 CKC: Chocolate, Milky Latte, and Champagne
Fine C-Lon: Oyster and Cocoa

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