Nov 10, 2017

Free Tip Friday: Tassel and Leather Lariat Necklace

Hey Gang!

We had such fun in #FTF today... I am really enamored of the resulting necklace, thanks to the inspiration of customer Susanne from Finland.

This lariat is a "mash up" of two projects... the simple tassel that I created on Free Tip Friday on 11.6.17 and Janice's Boho Beauty Leather Choker Necklace.

As promised, here is a list of the products I used in the Tassel Lariat:
Distressed Violet 1.5mm Leather
Distressed Violet 1.0mm Leather
Pinwheel- Purple Serpentine
Russet Sands
Circle of Bronze
.05mm Chinese Knotting Cord Deep Plum , Grey, Light Iris.
C-Lon Fine Grape, Orchid.

Check out the rebroadcasts below for all the learning you need to start creating! Enjoy!

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