Oct 19, 2017

Boho Beauty, Tribal Tried and True!

We have had Tribal Beads on the brain lately! With our new collection of Etched Agates, new metal Charms and Pendants, and of course old favorites like Padres and--what's Kate's fav?--Shadows, we have been feeling inspired lately. Here's a couple quick projects that Janice and Kate whipped up!

Janice shows off the Earthenware Rounds and Rondelles in this lariat choker she created. Using 1mm leather and just a few beads she made an easy-breezy necklace that can be worn with just about anything. The simplicity is what makes this so special, it's unique and not something you'd find in a store. It's boho and chic.

Make it yourself! Cut a length of leather twice as long as you'd like your necklace to be, because this necklace doubles the leather over. Slide your rondelle to the middle and use a smaller piece of leather tie a silk wrap just above the rondelle to keep it in place. Near the ends of your leather, silk wrap with Chinese Knotting Cord to create the "button hole" your rondelle will fit through. Add the Earthenware Rounds to the ends of your leather near the button hole, and secure in place with more leather silk wraps. Done!

1mm Metallic Pearl Indian Leather
.8 Chinese Knotting Cord in Cement
2 Earthenware 7-8mm Rounds
1 Earthenware 9mm Rondelle

How to Silk Wrap

This is a timeless design that can be made with an array of beads. Make it in earthtones with Old Pottery Rounds and Rondelles on 1mm Distressed Brown leather, or use a Greenware Vase in place of the leather silk wrap above the rondelle for a larger focal, and some lush Metallic Pyrite leather...or whatever you like!

A few weeks ago on Facebook Live viewers took note of Kate's fabulous tribal earrings. Using our new Make a Point brass dagger drops and some wire, Kate fashioned a quick pair of earrings that really do make a point!

To create your own, string your three beads onto a length of craft wire and make a Rosary Loop at the top, and a Wire-Wrapped Loop at the bottom, being sure to include your Make A Point drops on the bottom loop before you wrap the wire to close it. Attach the Rosary Loop to an earwire...and voila! A sassy pair of earrings for you (or a friend! Makes a great gift!)

1 Pair Niobium Earwires- Antique Copper Finish with Copper Bead
22G Vintage Bronze Craft Wire
4 Earthenware 7-8mm Rounds
2 Tide's Out- Sea Green

2 Make a Point Charms

How to Make Rosary Loops With Beads
How to Wire Wrap A Bead Unit
How to Open and Close Jump Rings Securely (this don't use jump rings, but the concept is the same for when you are opening your Rosary Loops to attach the earwires!)

You can easily choose just about any beads from our Etched Agates collection and make these your own. Why not use a Greenware Vase an hang several Small Point charms below with jump rings, or use Old Pottery Rounds,  Tide's Out in Marina, and Tiny Elephant charm dangles? So many great options! Please share your designs with us!

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