Aug 10, 2016

Beadshop Shop Tab Quick Tip

Beadshop is always looking for ways to help beaders access the ingredients they need to make beautiful jewelry. That is why the Shop Tab was developed. 

If you see a design you want to create on the Projects Page, you can quickly locate all the information you need with just a few mouse clicks: 
  • Select the project you want from the Projects Page.
  • Under the image of the project is a list of ingredients needed.
  • Select the Shop Tab to the right for a shopping list.
  • Then just select what you need to add to your cart.
All of the ingredients are right there. Just review the “Quantities Needed for Project” so you’re sure to add the right amount to the cart. In some cases, you may only need 1 of an ingredient, but it's still good to read the recipe on the left and make sure you only need one and then include that quantity. Then you can add what you need from the list provided under the Shop Tab

Within minutes, you will have everything you need in your cart!

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