Aug 5, 2016

New Half Tila Beads

Beadshop is celebrating the new Half Tila beads from Miyuki of Japan. Think of Half Tila beads as the little sister to Full-size Tilas. They still have two holes and work wonderfully for beadweaving, but at 5 x 2.3 x 1.9mm, they are half the size and capable of patterning, like Herringbone. Below you can see the Full-size (top) versus the Half-size Tila Beads (bottom).

The smaller beads help create a more delicate and intricate look to your finished jewelry, but they can be a bit more challenging for a beginner beader. Thankfully, the holes are the same as full Tilas (0.8mm), so you can ladder with Tuff Cord #1 and beadweave multiple passes with Hana Thread or KO and a Size 10 Beadsmith needle

In the Pathways project, Linnea Lortsher has creatively adapted the herringbone weave to three colorways, giving the reader choices in what to choose to weave: 

1. Perfect Day in all one color shows off the beauty of the Half Tila without any distractions. It's just really elegant in any color you choose.
Perfect Day by Linnea Lortsher
2. Native Grass features two contrasting colors that highlight both the pattern and the opposite attraction of a matted-finish and a shiny Half Tila next to each other.
Native Grass by Linnea Lortsher
3: Deep Sea features two colors close together on the spectrum, which creates harmony.  
Deep Sea by Linnea Lortsher
In this boldly-colored design, Surf 'n Turf by Beckie TenEyck, the Half Tilas are able to dot their way along the design for more interest. Inspired by Mosaic 4 Wrap, Beckie chose a leather and Tuff Cord in the same color so they won't compete with the beads for attention.
We hope you will enjoy the Pathways handout, the project maps, and find this new bead from Miyuki as much fun as we do. Celebrate along with us as you weave and ladder some beautiful beaded jewelry!

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