Jan 14, 2017

Leather Tips and Tricks for Jewelry Making

Strap leather and leather cording are very popular materials used in many of beadshop's projects. Leather is a versatile medium that is long lasting and comes in lots of colors as well as thicknesses. For those just starting out with using leather or for those who want to expand their current knowledge-base about using leather in their jewelry designs, you can now find a comprehensive collection of Tips and Tricks available on the beadshop 
web site.

This how-to collection is visually appealing and very clear, showing you all kinds of information that will help you select the right components and beads for your projects. For example, a leather diameter and bead key illustrates which type and size of beads to use for different diameters of leather, from 1mm all the way up to 2mm. 

Finishing off the ends of a piece that uses leather is another trick explained, with over a half dozen options provided. This includes hook suggestions as well.

Strap leather, which is flat versus round like leather cord, is also explained and includes descriptions of various ways to adorn the leather with metal slider components as well ideas for finishing off the ends and adding clasps. 

The beadshop Leather Tips and Tricks page is one you will want to bookmark on your Web browser. You can also learn more about using leather by watching the previously recorded Tricks to Leather Facebook Show

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