Jan 10, 2017

Tassel Jewelry Ideas

Awakening & Protection Earrings by Kate Richbourg
Tassels are a fun way to add movement and texture to a jewelry design, and they also offer some fast alternatives if you are looking for quick jewelry projects to make. Earrings, especially, are a way to allow you to add some beads or other components with a tassel or two and whip up some statement pieces you can make today and wear today as well.

The 35mm tassels available from beadshop come in sets of six and are pre-strung on a mother cord to help keep them intact. A tiny amount of GS Hypo Cement added to the threads wrapped around the loop holding the strands of the tassel together are also helpful in keeping the tassel's integrity before you begin to work with it. When handling these tassels, it is a good idea to have your project read for the tassels before taking them off the mother cord; otherwise, the loops at the top of the tassels can lose their shape. 

Kate Richbourg has developed new earring projects called Awakening & Protection Earrings that incorporates tassels and ornately carved components from beadshop’s collection of vintage finds. You can download the free pdf project and easily order necessary supplies using the ingredients list on the same page. The downloadable instructions include step-by-step photographs as well as how-to instructions. 

Enjoy makings making some long and dramatic tassel earrings you can make in just a few minutes!

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