Feb 7, 2017

Beadshop in Tucson

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Some of the beadshop gang were lucky enough to visit Tuscon, Arizona at the end of January 2017 and enjoy the gemstone and jewelry goodness that settles on this town during the end of January and on into February every year. Kate and Grace were kind enough to share part of their trip live through Facebook. The impromptu show, which was broadcast in front of the Gem Mall tent, was recorded so that you can watch it on YouTube if you missed it. It was a jump packed episode. 

Part of the show included a how-to from Kate on wire wrapping gemstone beads, and she demonstrated with some chunky howlite nugget beads that were dyed and stabilized to look like turquoise and 18 gauge craft wire. If you want to make the same necklace yourself, a kit is available. Along with showing how to make the necklace, Kate reviewed various types of hand-tools you need, such as Maxi Shear Flush Wire Cutters, and she also discussed how you can use different beads and wire gauges but should be careful to test them out first. It is important that your wire fits easily through your bead holes, for example. 

If you ever decide to head to Tuscon during the shows, the Tucson Show Guide website is a wonderful resources, highly recommended by Kate, to help you navigate and plan your agenda. Other tips to consider once you get there is staying hydrated, wearing comfortable shoes, and bringing a rolling cart for your gemstone purchases. 

Watching Kate at Tucson, at least, is one way you can get a feel for Tucson. 

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