Feb 5, 2017

Wrap It Up with New Wrap Bracelets

Load up the stitches and create two new bracelets designs recently published at beadshop! 

Purple lovers, hello! Brittany Ketcham honors the talented Nicole Anderson with a new sample project for My Stitches in Time. This includes a free seven-page downloadable project handout with detailed instructions and color photographs of many of the weaving steps required. For additional assistance, there is also a video demonstrating the five stitches used to construct this wrap bracelet. The project page for this new sample also provides a complete list of ingredients and shop links so that you can order exactly what you need. 

Stitched in Time: Project by Nicole Anderson ~ Sample by Brittany Ketcham 
Another new project addition is Marilyn. The project page for this wrap bracelet also has a full list of ingredients, and in addition to that, step by step written instructions and color photographs that show details of each of the woven sections of the bracelet. To see a view of the finished bracelet stretched out from one end to the other, a photograph map is also provided on the project page. This way, you can find everything you need in one spot. Marilyn is made up of lots of neutral shades, copper, pearl, beige, and opal for example, so it is a piece that can be worn with just about any item in your closet.  

Marilyn: Project by Nicole Anderson ~ Sample by Beckie Ten Eyck 

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