Jun 30, 2017

Free Floating Necklace How-To

Sunrise Float Away ~ Sample by Janice Parsons
Statement necklaces do not have to be overly large to gain attention, and the Float Away necklace projects are designs that bring the drama of statement jewelry pieces without any bulkiness. Stations of beads give the illusion of jewelry floating around your neck. Available in limited edition kits and also with free downloadable episode notes and video to watch online, the Float Away projects provide a light look for warm summer weather.

For jewelry makers who want the ability to easily copy the three current design samples made by Beadshop staff, convenient kits are a great option. There is the Sunrise kit, full of enough supplies for the pretty necklace pictured at the top of this post. The beading wire and findings used are copper colored, and the kit has beads in shades of pinks and lavender.

Sunrise Float Away Kit
The Spring Day kit is packed with beads that reflect a cheerful mood, such as Montana Blue Czech glass beads and various green tones seen in the aventurine, olive quartz, and serpentine stone pavers. 

Spring Day Float Away Kit
The nature-inspired combination of colors of the Spring Day design is simply beautiful! 

Spring Day Float Away ~ Sample by Emily Miller
Finally, Rainbow Float Away echoes the colors of the American Southwest with its hues of golds and browns. The beading wire used is Softflex in the Golden Bronze color
Rainbow Float Away ~ Sample by Kate Richbourg and Emily Miller
And, of course, there is a limited edition kit available for the Rainbow version of this design as well. 
Rainbow Float Away Kit
Kits are a good value and provide an easy way to make sure you have all the supplies you need. Keep in mind, though, they are limited edition! So when they are gone, they're gone! Full ingredient lists are available, however, on each project's page. Between the kits, the project pages, Janice's episode notes, and Kate and Emily's video (also posted to YouTube), Beadshop offers you lots of choices when you are ready to start floating away with your beads and beading wire. 

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