Apr 4, 2019

Introducing the New Beadshop Design Team

A Note From Alley Mori, Design Team Lead...

Something tasty is cooking at Beadshop.com and we are serving up a whole lot of beady deliciousness.  Just wait until you see the spread we are creating!  (Hint: another Look Book, maybe?)

It all started with Kate’s vision – she wanted to share a variety of talents and special jewelry designs with all of you.  What better way than to create a design team made up of customers and Bead Table members?

And…never afraid to take on a challenge, I have stepped up to organize and guide the team.  Our mission is to design and create jewelry from Inspiration Boxes of materials and products curated by the Beadshop staff.  Every member receives the same box and it is up to them to interpret the outcome.  Each talented designer has very different aesthetic visions, which in turn, will provide some varied and diverse jewelry pieces.  Oh, what fun!

Without giving too much more away, I would like to introduce the Team (from left to right) - Danielle Wickes, Faye Luxemburg-Hyam, Kim Golias and me, Alley Mori

Stay tuned.  We will debut each designer and showcase some of their favorite creations coming up on future posts this month. Check out the blog on Thursdays for more!


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