Jul 12, 2019

Drea's Mountain Glow Wrap

Hey gang!
I really dropped the ball on this one...I keep forgetting to mail this wrap out to Karen to photograph! So you'll just have to make-do with my iPhone and shoddy cut-and-paste skills. But!! Here's what I created with my Monthly Mix for July 2019, Mountain Glow. Using my original inspiration photo as a guide, I created five wraps going from greens to greys to browns to imitate the trees, water, and rocks in my waterfall scene. It was a lot of fun to make! I have about half a tube of Mountain Glow left, and I think I'll make a Patterning With Stones style necklace to match with the remaining beads.


Bird in a Tree Button- Silver
1 Spool Light Grey KO Thread
1 Pkg 1mm Metallic Cement Indian Leather
1 Tube Mountain Glow Monthly Mix 
1 Pkg Big Shadows- Silver Plate

Is the mix sold out? The recipe is right on the Mountain Glow Page, and also below:
Emerald Matte Rembrandt SuperDuos
TLH1865 Galvanized Gray Luster Half Tilas
6-2066 Matte Metallic Dark Green Iris 6/0s
6-1255 Matte Metallic Bronze 6/0s
8-9576 Smoky Opal S/L Alabaster 8/0s
8-650 Dyed Grey S/L Alabaster 8/0s
8-4222 Duracoat Galvanized Pewter 8/0s
8-4506 Picasso Transparent Olivine 8/0s
11-4473 Duracoat Opaque Fennel 11/0s

1 Pkg Size 10 Beading Needles
Thread Burner
Project Tray of your choice
Flush Cutters

Additional Learning:
How to set up a Project Tray

How to Macramé
Infinity Stitch
Herringbone Laddering

Again, I don't have Karen's photo skills!! But here's a closeup of each section:

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