Jul 12, 2019

Free Tip Friday: Beaded Bead with Kate and Emily

July's monthly mix, Mountain Glow was perfect inspiration for a beaded bead... and who better to instruct us than Emily!
Ingredients used:

Here are Emily's notes from the broadcast:

Design Notes.
  • Color Block with mix....use colors from the mix in groups of the same color, freeform is crazy enough!
  • Divide mix in 1/2 so you have enough to finish bead.
  • Wax thread for extra tension. 
  • Even count peyote starts with an even number of beads, double check your count to be sure you have an even number
  • Needle the thread, not thread the needle. 
  • Freeform is by definition not regular, think of this as problem solving, not following a pattern or excessive rules.  If there is a hole, (you don't like) put a bead in it! 


1.  Cut 1 1/2 yards of thread. Thread onto size 10 needle and wax it.
2. Tie onto a wooden bead.
3. String enough beads to reach from hole to hole, an even number!
4. Peyote, pick up a bead, skip a bead, pass the needle through the next bead. Repeat to end of beads.
5. Bead 5-7 rows, counted on the diagonal.
6 Begin again, creating a second strip of beadwork attached to the bead. Bead 5-7 rows.
7. Ladder stitch between the strips to create a circle around the top and bottom bead holes.

8. Make a bridge between the strips, using duos and tilas, enough to reach across the gap from strip to strip, attach to strip.

9. Peyote on the bridge by adding a bead in between each hole in two hole beads and peyote until you reach each strip.
10. Create a second bridge over gap of second side, repeating steps 8 &9.

11. String on a small chain, like Satellite or Simplicity, or use a head pin to create a dangle that would look great on a bigger chain like Rustico.

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