Mar 25, 2020

Kate's Creative Connection: Steadfast, an epic wrap bracelet.

As we continue our series to keep connected, Kate's working on an EPIC wrap bracelet.  All videos are below, along with an ingredients list and photos. We'll continue to update this blog post as she works on her wrap! Enjoy...

2 Serpentine Donuts

You'll also want to have:
Flush Cutters
Thread Snips
Project Tray and Insert
Mini Ruler or Handy Tape
Zap Gel or GS Hypo Cement

Episode 1: Tuesday, 3.24.20, we started with the Button Knot! For more on this knot, check out Pages 7-8 of these Episode Notes.

Episode 2: Wednesday, 3.25.20, Kate started working on macramé and laddering.

Episode 3: Friday, 3.27.20, a third wrap with beaded alternating half-hitch knots was created. Find more information on the basics of this knotting technique in Brittany's Young Love handout.

Episode 4: Wednesday, 4.1.20, a little more macramé and a clasp have been added. For more on the "Alley Splice" technique, check out Pages 13-14 of these Episode Notes.

Episode 5: Wednesday, 4.7.20, the epic conclusion! Kate has added .5mm leather to herringbone with, and this piece is finished! And this bracelet now has a name: Steadfast!

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