Mar 20, 2020

Kate's Creative Connection: Wire Pendant Necklace

Hey gang! This pendant/necklace is all about working with WIRE! Take a peek at her gorgeous work and ideas...The ingredients lists, episodes, and photos are below! Happy beading...

Spiral Pendant and Necklace (Epic Journey)
1 Indicolite Briolette

Round Pendant
Medium Brown Serpentine Round
Bare Copper 22g
11-4481 Duracoat Opaque Eucalyptus
DBC-0021 Delica Cut Nickel Plated Cut
SB18-2006 Matte Metallic Dark Bronze Miyuki Cubes
2mm Hematite Cut Cubes- Gold

You will also want to have:
Chain Nose Pliers
Bent Nose Pliers
Maxi Shear Flush Cutters
Round Nose Pliers
Nylon Jaw Pliers
Chasing Hammer
Bench Block

Episode 1: Thursday, 3.19.20, Kate creates a spiral wire pendant, hammers it flat, and begins to embellish.

Episode 2: Friday, 3.20.20, round beads have been wire-wrapped for later use!

Episode 3: Friday, 3.27.20, tassels are taking shape.

Episode 4: Tuesday, 3.31.20, the embellishment continues! Wire wraps galore!

Episode 5: Thursday, 4.2.20, Kate is ready to string a necklace to add her pendant to.

Episode 6: Wednesday, 4.8.20, entwined strands coming together...

Episode 7: Thursday, 4.9.20, working on that neckpiece some more...

Episode 8: Tuesday, 4.14.20, finishing touches! Kate adds a clasp to complete the project.

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